The Project

When this project started is lost in the depths of the black hole that is my memory, but it was in development sometime around the mid-2000s. It since went through multiple revisions and changed names about as often as its author (read: roughly half a dozen times).

This is not the hardest of hard sf as I sacrificed a few points on the Mohs scale for the sake of telling the stories I wanted to. Thus there are wormholes, a multiverse, and a bit of petty authorial defiance here and there. Also likely a whole host of implausibilities and outright errors I'm woefully unaware of in spite of trying my best. Either way, enjoy.

The Author

Konstantin Viktor Mika (aka. Kosta Mika, KVM, spacetrash; he/him, they/them) is a queer scifi writer and digital artist from Europe.

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