Sirian Technocracy

The Sirian Technocracy is an old sovereign nation in Canis Major. Once at the forefront of technological innovation, it was hit hard by the dark ages. Now fallen behind on progress, the Technocracy has grown increasingly isolationist and is considered backwards by many of its neighbors.



The Technocracy is a unitary nation led by a Council of seven. All council members are Technocrats and specialists in the fields they represent.


The title of 'Technocrat' is granted to people with significant skill and experience in their chosen field, which doesn't necessarily have much to do with technology. It doesn't always come with an increase in social rank, but definitely with higher regard in the eyes of others.

The vast majority of Technocrats are well over 50 by the time they're granted the title, with very few younger than 40. Only Technocrats can be elected into positions of power such as the Council, and only in their particular area of expertise.

Incumbent Council Members

Name Department
Hafiz Delarue Justice, Police
Kristina Haškova Education, Sport, Culture
Joseph Lynwood Environment, Transport, Energy
Snow Myeong Foreign Affairs, Communications
Gladys Ndagire Council Chairperson, Home Affairs
Magdalena Northcutt Economy, Finance, Research
Zheng Weiguo Defense, Civil Protection, Military


Star Systems


Other Names / Catalog Numbers: Dog Star, Lokabrenna, Mrgavyadha, α CMa AB
Sirius (Ancient Greek: 'scorching') is a binary consisting of a white main-sequence star (Aschere) of spectral class A0 V and a white dwarf companion (Sothis). It has three cargo gates connecting it to Liejupiru, Yeji and Beguwa.

Neither of the stars has any planets, but Sothis hosts two massive habitat clusters at its trojan points. The capital Beryl Station is located at L4, the trade hub Juniper Station at L5.


Other Names / Catalog Numbers: HD 52698, HIP 33817
Distance to Sirius: 12.06 pc (39.34 ly)
Liejupiru (Finnish: 'mud devil') is an orange main-sequence star of spectral class K1 V, and the closest of the core systems. It connect to Unurgunite at 383.9 pc (1.25 kly) via an ancient cargo gate.


Other Names / Catalog Numbers: Ya Ke, ν2 CMa, 7 CMa
Distance to Sirius: 17.1 pc (55.8 ly)
Yeji (Standard Chinese: 'pheasant') is an evolved orange giant of spectral type K1 III, and the second closest core system. It has two giant planets in a 4:3 orbital resonance with each other.


Other Names / Catalog Numbers: π CMa AB
Distance to Sirius: 26.95 pc (87.93 ly)
Beguwa (Hausa: 'porcupine') is a binary consisting of a yellow-white main-sequence star of spectral class F2 IV/V and a distant, dim companion. It's the farthest of the core systems. The primary has several planets and a debris disk.


Other Names / Catalog Numbers: Nganurganity, σ CMa
Distance to Sirius: 396 pc (1.29 kly)
Unurgunite (Wotjobaluk: 'jacky dragon') is a variable giant star of spectral class K4 III, and the local branch terminus of the Lynx Route. It connects to Wezen at 93.45 pc (304.8 ly) and to Liejupiru at 383.9 pc (1.25 kly) via ancient cargo gates.


Other Names / Catalog Numbers: Thalath al Adzari, Hu Shi, δ CMa
Distance to Sirius: 490.6 pc (1.6 kly)
Wezen (Arabic: 'weight') is a yellow-white supergiant of spectral class F8 Ia, and the most distant system in the Technocracy. It's on the Lynx Route, though only the gate to Unurgunite is open.

While Wezen was discovered a few years after the settlement of Liejupiru, it has never been explored much.

Beryl Station

Beryl Station is a massive habitat cluster located at Sothis L4.



Dog Star Industries is a multi-industry conglomerate based on Juniper Station.



Notable Individuals

Technocrat Fidelia Martel is a highly regarded religious leader in the Technocracy.

Technocrat Faidon Sideris was a renegade engineer with delusions of grandeur, killed by his own followers and resurrected as a carcosan. He is now a member of the Order of the Cleansing Light and an Intermediary of the Joint Nomad Fleet.