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Altair Republic (ALT) — A dependent territory of the Lucidan Empire. The capital system is, as the name implies, Altair.

Apathy's Children — Entropic Heresy organization.

Apex Logistics — One of the largest freight companies. Their ships, containers and warehouses are everywhere.

Argo Federation (ANF) — A neutral sovereign nation with territories in Crux and Carina. The capital system is Miaplacidus.

Artificers Guild — The largest international guild of inventors is a hive of infighting, une-upmanship and more or less accidental firestarting.

Aurigan League (AUL) — A sovereign nation located mostly in Auriga, with disputed territories in Perseus. They're good friends with the Terran Commonwealth, which does not endear them to the Scavenger Pact. The capital system is Capella.


Blackreach Pact (BLR) —


Carcosa Mining Consortium (CMC) — An association of smaller mining companies from the Gemini Protectorate.

Carina Demarchy (CRD) —

Celestine Group — An aerospace conglomerate.

Chimera Cabal (CHC) —

Corvus Systems Alliance (CSA) — A newly formed nation in Corvus, still in the early expansion stage. The capital system is Kraz.


Dead Sun Alliance (DSA) —

Death Mist's Disciples — The largest order worshipping Death Mist. Ruthless and warlike, they're considered the military order of the mainstream churches.

Dog Star Industries (DSI) — A multi-industry conglomerate from the Sirian Technocracy.


Edasich Federation (ESF) — An old Scavenger nation, hosting the Scavenger Pact HQ. The capital system is, as the name suggests, Edasich.

Edasich Salvage and Reclamation (ESAR) — A shipbreaking and salvage co-operative from the Edasich Federation.

El-Khadar Industries (EKHI) — An aerospace company from the Kerberos Alliance. They specialize in torchship drive systems, heat management, solar-laser sails and beam assemblies, and defensive weapon systems.

Entropists — Colloquial name for any of a number of organizations promoting social and/or cosmic entropy.

Eridanian Union (ERU) — A dependent territory of the Terran Commonwealth.)

Extropians — Colloquial name for any of a number of organizations promoting negentropy.


Firestorm Marauders — The largest corsair faction in Scorpius, native to Huo Xing. In wartime, they serve as privateers with the Kerberos Spacefleet, Scorpius Federation Spacefleet, or Sharur-u-Shargaz Spacefleet, assuming they're not fighting each other. The Marauders are allied with the Sanglante Corsairs. Their ship prefix is FMV (Firestorm Marauder Vessel).
The Marauder-class heavy frigate built in the Kerberos Alliance was named after the Firestorm Marauders, as their shipwrights came up with the design. The class is a favorite among corsairs due to its toughness, endurance and salvage facilities.


Gaian Alliance (GAL) —

Gateway Explorers Association (GEA) — The interstellar exploration and settlement guild of the Gateway Hanse. They consider the Wayfarers Guild as less professional, but their old rivals couldn't care less. Their ship prefix is GES (Gateway Explorers Ship).

Gateway Hanse (GWH) — A merchant league turned sovereign nation, the Gateway Hanse has been one of the major driving forces behind interstellar trade and exploration for a long time. The capital system is Gateway.

Gemini Protectorate (GEM, Carcosan Diarchy) — A technocracy under the protection of the Joint Nomad Fleet, based in the pulsar system Geminga, home of the carcosans and their subspecies. The Orion Dominion is a dependent territory. The Protectorate is one of the youngest nations, and already made an enemy of the Lucidan Empire.

Gheirem Ecumene (GHE) —

Gorgonian League (GOL, Algol Theocracy) —

Greenlife Co. — A space farming and agricultural systems company from the Lucidan Empire.

Günay-Iravani Shipyards — The oldest and largest shipyards in Proxima Centauri.


Hercules Dominion (HRD) —

Horizon Agricultural Solutions — A space farming and agricultural systems company specializing in supplying habitats and large stations.

House of Carcosa


Interstellar Search and Rescue Organization (ISARO) — An NGO specializing in space search and rescue, as well as disaster relief. They often cooperate with SHAN.


Joint Nomad Fleet (JNF, Voidbrood Kenocracy) — One of the voidbrood exile armadas travelling the multiverse since the destruction of Abyss.


Kadath Aerospace and Robotics Industries (KARI) — The largest aerospace company from the Gemini Protectorate. They specialize in a variety of spacecraft systems adapted to pulsar environments, as well as robotics and cyberware suitable for use in the vacuum of space.

Kapteyn Federation (KPF) — A small sovereign Scavenger nation located in one of the oldest star systems in the galaxy.

Kerberos Alliance of Scorpius (KAS) — The largest Scavenger nation in Scorpius, located on a branch of the Lynx Route. The capital system is Huo Xing. The KAS is the home of the hellhounds, a wastelander hybrid species.


Leonid Communist Federation (LCF) —

Lobo Arms — A personal firearms and cyberweapons company from the Edasich Federation. They have branches in many Scavenger nations.

Lucidan Empire of Vega (LEV) — A small biotech empire based in Lucida Lyrae, with territories primarily in Lyra and Hercules. The Empire is the home of the lucidans and their subspecies. They've traditionally been at odds with the Sirian Technocracy, but since the Gemini Protectorate appeared on the interstellar stage, they found their new favorite enemy.

Lucidan Vultures — Ironically named after the Lucidan Empire's heraldic animal, the Vultures are the largest pirate and smuggler faction on Imperial territory. They're alleged to have ties to people in the Imperial Court and even aristocrats in their ranks, making it notoriously difficult for law enforcement and the military to fight them. Since they're an illegal faction, they have no dedicated ship prefix.


Martel Construction — A megascale civil engineering company from the Sirian Technocracy.

Mechanists — Colloquial name for any of a number of organizations believing organic life to be inferior.

Meliorates — Colloquial name for any of a number of organizations believing humanity to be inherently flawed and in need of guidance and improvement.

Mun Hau Anarchist Confederation (MHC) —


Necro Enterprises — The largest resurrection company outside the Gemini Protectorate. They offer life extension, mind- and body-state backups, cloning, mind transfers and uploading.

New Earth Alliance (NEA) — An old Scavenger nation based in Trappist. Their territory consists primarily of red dwarf systems rather than Sun-like stars as their name might suggest.

Noreika Mining Corp. — A mining and refining megacorporation from the Terran Commonwealth.


Order of the Black Star — Entropic Heresy organization.

Order of the Cleansing Light — Entropic Heresy organization. One of the most radical entropist orders, worshipping Final Truth above all other deities.

Order of the Raging Flame — An order that worships Fury Incandescent and to a lesser extent, Death Mist and Final Truth.

Orion Dominion (ORD) — A dependent territory of the Gemini Protectorate, comprising the three systems of Orion's Belt.


Pagans — Colloquial name for any of a number of organizations worshipping (unadultered) nature.

PaSibar-khiyt-maNuat (PSI, PaSibar Kenocracy) —

Pavonian Union (PVU) —

Procyon Hegemony — The core worlds of the Terran Commonwealth.

Proxima Centauri Federation (PCF) aka. Proxima Federation, Centauran Federation — The oldest extrasolar and interstellar nation, based in Proxima Centauri. They're a Scavenger Pact member, and the home of the wastelanders and their subspecies.

Proxima Federal Spacefleet (PFS) — The spaceborne military of the Proxima Centauri Federation. Originally a guerilla force, they still use their old tactics, and many of their customs are considered unusual at best by more traditionalist militaries. Their ship prefix is PFS (Proxima Federation Ship).



Rock Bottom Mining Co. — A small but very successful mining company with a punny name.


Sanglante Corsairs — One of the oldest corsair factions, native to Proxima Centauri. Many Sanglantes serve as privateers with the Federal Spacefleet in wartime, specializing in commerce raiding and hit-and-run attacks on smaller enemy ships and facilities. While notoriously ruthless in combat, they have a reputation for treating non-combatants with respect. Most Corsairs are ethnic Sanglantes, but members of other cultures and nationalities are also members. Their ship prefix is SCV (Sanglante Corsair Vessel).
Etymology: sanglante (adj. f.) "bloody, covered in blood" (French). The name refers to an old tradition in which Sanglantes paint their faces and armor with the blood of their slain enemies. Their ships often sport dashes of red paint as well.

Scavenger Humanitarian Aid Network (SHAN) — The main humanitarian aid non-profit of the Scavenger Pact. SHAN specializes in disaster relief, warzone extractions and supply runs. They have a small fleet of transports and hospital ships with the prefix SANV (Scavenger Aid Network Vessel). They often cooperate with ISARO.

Scavenger Pact (SVP) — An intergovernmental organization uniting predominantly wastelander and hellhound nations.

Scorpius Federation (SCF) — A small sovereign nation in Scorpius. The captial system is Tiamat.

Seeker's Acolytes — An order of hermits and loners worshipping Relentless Seeker.

Shadowworks Ltd. — A resurrection co-operative from the Gemini Protectorate. On the physical side, they offer mind- and body-state backups, cloning and mind transfers. On the virtual side, they have uploading, virtual instances and utility fog effigies on their list of services. Aside from the Joint Nomad Fleet and the Protectorate government, Shadowworks is the only organization able to legally create Reborn carcosans.

Sharur-u-Shargaz (SHA, Cat's Eyes Theocracy) — A small sovereign nation in Scorpius, consisting of the two neighboring systems Shaula and Lesath, and inhabited predominantly by hellhounds.

Sirian Technocracy (SRT) — An old technocratic cyborg nation based in Sirius, and a long-time enemy of the Lucidan Empire. Their newest rival, the Gemini Protectorate, considers them old-fashioned and wrapped up in tradition.

Soulz Feline Foodstuffs — A cat food co-operative offering a wide range of foods and supplements for all kinds of cats adapted to various environments.

Sun-Dweller's Commune — A loosely organized religious group worshipping Sun-Dweller along with Exalted Creation and to a lesser extent, Fury Incandescent.


Teegarden Republic (TER) —

Terran Commonwealth (TCW) — A stratocratic empire with one of the largest military forces in existence. The Terrans see themselves as the direct descendants of Sol, even though that system is not part of their territory. The capital system is Procyon.

The Honorless — A small order of entropist assassins worshipping Final Truth and Death Mist. Unlike the Entropic Heresy, they serve as a covert armed branch of the mainstream churches and are recognized as a legitimate order by them.


Ultramorphs — Colloquial name for any of a number of organizations promoting extreme physical transformation or adaptation to increasingly extreme environments.

Umbra — Perhaps the most notorious pirate faction, operating internationally without a home system. The Umbra have their hands in a range og illegal activities ranging from piracy to trafficking, blackmail, racketeering and even murder for hire. They have ties to other organized crime groups, but just as many enemies. None of the notable corsair factions are on good terms with them. Since they're an illegal faction, they have no dedicated ship prefix.
Etymology: umbra (n. f.) "darkest part of a shadow, (archaic) uninvited guest brought by an invited one" (Latin).

United Systems of Virgo (USV) — A dependent territory of the Terran Commonwealth. The capital system is Zavijava.

Ursan Union (URS) —


Villeurcourt — An international supermarket co-operative found on most gate stations and orbital freeports.


Wayfarers Guild — The oldest international non-profit dedicated to interstellar exploration. The Wayfarers organize, supply and fund interstellar missions for research, jumpgate construction, terraforming and settlement, often relying on crowdsourcing and donations from their members and the public. The guild also offer education and research grants. They own a small fleet of generation ships, scouts and transports. Their ship prefix is WGS (Wayfarers Guild Ship).
The guild also hosts the Wayfarers Almanac, a massive website that both guild members and independent explorers can add their knowledge and experiences to, from settled areas as much as previously unexplored ones. The Almanac is a mix of travel guide, encyclopedia of lesser known facts, discussion forum, and collection of exploration logs.

Wayward Coalition (WWC) —




Zaurak Confederacy (ZCF) — A small Scavenger nation based in Zaurak.

Zervos Shipyards — The largest shipbuilding corporation in the Terran Commmonwealth. Zervos specializes in merchant ships and cargo handling systems, both shipside and portside.

Zoranan Empire (ZOR) —