Food & Drink

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Aeroponic fruit and vegetables — The vast majority of plant-based foodstuffs are grown in aeroponic farms aboards space stations. Some ships have a few aeroponic tanks to provide fresh produce during long flights as well.

Alcohol — Various types of alcohol have a wide range of uses. Ethanol is used by humans in alcoholic beverages, while voidbrood prefer methanol.

Algas beer / Phykos ale — Various types of beer and ale brewed from algae.


Bamboo — Aside from being a versatile plant in general, bamboo is also edible. Bamboo shoots are widely used by humans in a variety of dishes, while the sap is used to make beverages and the leaves to make tea.


Carniculture → Vat meat

Coffee — A staple beverage drunk by humans, the quality of coffee can make or break a crew. Genemodded to be small and hardy, coffea shrubs are raised in aeroponic farms aboard agriculture habitats. The most common species are Arabica (coffea arabica) and Robusta (coffea canephora).

Crystal shoots — Young shoots of the crystal vine are commonly used as food by voidbrood.





Grains and cereals — Flour from a variety of grains is used by humans as a basis for many types of foodstuffs. They're grown aboard agriculture habitats.


Herbs and spices — A must-have in every spacer kitchen, most herbs and spices are bought dried and chopped or ground. Crews with the skill to care for them prefer to grow a range of spices in small aeroponic herb gardens.






Milk — A beverage on its own, milk is also used by humans as a base for a variety of dairy products. Cultured in vats aboard space stations, it has been genemodded to be naturally lactose-free due to widespread oversensitivity.




Phykos ale → Algas beer

Preserved foodstuffs — The largest part of spacer foodstuffs is preserved for the sometimes long travel times. Cans and jars provide long-term storage in a variety of environments, while frozen food needs constant cooling but keeps its nutrients better. Dried foodstuffs and powdered beverages are widely used as well as they last long.



Roaches — Cockroackes are kept as high-protein foodstuffs by humans, usually ground up and used in protein bars or as flour for bread, tho more adventurous spacers serve them whole. The most common livestock species are the dubia roach (blaptica dubia) and the speckled roach (nauphoeta cinerea).


Salt — A vital spice in a variety of dishes, typically exported from planets with large saltwater oceans or mined from planetside deposits.

Seafood — Common in many human societies, a variety of seafood is raised planetside and in aquaponics tanks aboard space stations.

Spices → Herbs and spices

Spine tree flowers — The flowers of the spine tree are used as food by the voidbrood.




Vat meat / Carniculture — Cultured meat and fish is commonplace aboard space stations and ships, as it doesn't involve keeping livestock. What types of meat are available varies based on local culture, but even types of meat widely considered off-limits are now an option in some areas.